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Biofinger Kontrola Dostępu

The day-to-day companies are faced with the need to know who enters and leaves their premises that is why Kontrola dostępu System is the ideal tool for the integral administration of their accesses and the increase of the security of their facilities, Active and personal.

Kontrola dostępu System

When it comes to security, it is undeniable that technology has made available a large number of options, not only for space protection and access control, but also for the protection of information that is housed on the network or outside it.

Access control consists of a mechanism that allows verifying the identity of a user or computer in order to authorize the entry or access to physical or logical resources.

Determining access to these resources is essential since it allows their management to respond to the purposes for which they were intended; For the implementation of this, three components are identified:

  • Authentication mechanism: It can be a key, biometric reader, map or password.
  • Authorization mechanism: After authentication is the one that allows access or not.
  • Traceability mechanism: It complements the authorization mechanism in cases that may fail.

Also, access controls are classified into two types:

  • Autonomous access control systems: These types of systems allow the control of doors, schedules or identification by keys or biometrics.
  • Network access control systems: These manage to be integrated through the use of software that allows a log of all the activities carried out in a system.

Kontrola dostępu Rejestracja Czasu Pracy

For secure physical access, session-to-network initiation, and asset protection provide a safe environment for employees. Protection for people, facilities, networks and assets with comprehensive access control systems. Kontrola dostępu system provides;

Dynamic Access Control

Wide range of solutions for secure access to doors, gates, parking, networks and physical assets.

Biometrics Solutions

Wide range of solutions for secure access for doors, gates, parking facilities, networks and physical assets.

Printing of ID badges

Creation and management of secure access identification credentials for employees, visitors, on-site contractors or our state-of-the-art production facilities.

Visitor Management

Visitor management solutions that manage visitor access and cross-refer to third-party databases, such as criminal watch lists.

Mobile Access

Merging security and convenience by adding secure access control through a mobile device.

Evolution of Access Control

Access control is constantly evolving. Keeping an access control structure up-to-date with changes in compliance, functionality, and security can be an arduous task. This award-winning solution focuses on functionality, flexibility and innovative secure communication between devices.

If you are interested in implementing Kontrola dostępu solution, come to us, and we will be happy to advise you so that your investment can be maximized with the best results.

Computer Herstellen – Your Computing Problem Solution

Many times we come across some failures in our computer and we have found it complicated to solve. Many of our computer problems are common, meaning that only one user is experiencing this problem, but several have already gone through a similar problem, so here I show below some of the common problems and you will help provide quick and easy Computer Herstellen solutions.

There are lots of problems that can make our computers slow but usually we can see the following faults:

Loud noise when turning on the computer

We need to check from where the noise, many times come from a cooler that needs maintenance, it made its axis can be filled with dust making the endeavor to turn that noise occurs, it is important cooler that are working well, so they can ventilate and our computer is maintained at a suitable temperature, thus avoiding damage to our internal components need ventilation for optimum performance.

Not displaying the CD / DVD or the drive in Computer

Upon entering our Operating System and did not find the CD or floppy, you have to open the case of your computer and check the connections, first that all connections are correctly installed and data cables are also well connected, if it and not the icon still does not appear, then turn off the system and change the data cables and test, if it still does not appear then you have to look at each of the devices may have a malfunction, ultimately have to be replaced by new devices.

De-configuring BIOS to turn off the computer

The problem is that the battery longer no adequately supplies electricity to the BIOS, and this manifests back to the default BIOS software, then it is necessary to change the battery. You have to defragment your hard drive, it is important for this to make a restore point. Defragmentation is a process of arranging files from hard disk to cover up the spaces between them.

Slow Processor performance:

There are several options including the technical characteristics of computer such as RAM memory and hard disk capacity. These are impacts on the speed of the microprocessor and performance of the computer. We must ensure about the basic requirements of OS with which you are working. Another point for those who suffer from slow computer is programs that are installed and do not have a reliable source, unnecessary files that accumulate on your computer also play an important role in our slow computer. It is then necessary make cleaning your computer of these temporary files and files that programs left at the time of installation and occupying space. You can use the CCLEANER, it’s free and easy to use. The internal ventilation of your computer is also important so you should check fans to maintain proper temperature in our computer.

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