What to Teach in Science Education?

Any gas that’s inert in nature and doesn’t readily react with several other chemical elements is called inert gas. A sort of gaseous fuel composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

A solution where in fact the solvent is in a totally saturated state and can’t dissolve additional quantity of solute into it. The genuine quantity of a product which is generated in just about any chemical reaction is known as yield.

An organic compound where the Carbon atoms are bonded together within the form of the chain. Valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory is really a model that addresses the shape a molecule acquires following the formation of the chemical bond. Also known as as oxidation state.

In Search of the Designer of Intelligent Design

Because the existence of human intelligence is an undeniable empirical fact, there is no law that can prevent us from teaching creation by human intelligence, or even creation by a man. Man exists, human intelligence exists, human life exists, and the human genome exists. No one can deny the existence of any of these creative agents.

Their existence is indubitable. No judge can tell us that the theory of universal common descent from human intelligence is not fact-based, but faith-based. If human intelligence is not a fact, then no fact exists.

So stop the systematic indoctrination of students with evolution from a simple beginning. Teach the reverse of Darwin’s idea, i.e. universal common descent from human intelligence.


It’s easy to demonstrate the irrationality of this evolutionist argument with an illustration taken from nature.

We know that the largest tree on earth is a giant Sequoia, estimated to be over two thousand years old. At least 97% of its mass is considered to be inanimate.

So no one living today could have observed the generation of that giant. Yet, no informed person would argue that just because the millions of tiny winged seeds it yields did not exist prior to the leaves, twigs, branches, trunk, and roots, therefore no parent Sequoia seed existed prior to the birth of that giant, and that no parent seed played a creative role in its generation for the purpose of self-reproduction.

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